What we do

We are, as we all are, happy with our earth and as we love to go out sailing a lot, we want to keep the earth as healthy as possible for our kids and loved ones.

During the past years, we have been searching what and how we could structure and define our carbon footprint. We have also been amazed by all the greenwashing that is going on around us. We think that the average customer knows better and should be given full insight. 

Therefore we are in the progress of having our full carbon footprint identified by using the internationally accepted 3 level approach. In which the 3 levels relate to 1. directly within the organization, 2. indirectly by the use of electricity and gas, and 3. indirectly within the supply chain.


Our current progress

As the calculation is in progress, we are not doing nothing.

As starters, on our warehouse solar panels have been installed so that all electricity that we use during our picking and packing is at least green! Furthermore, as our warehouse is electricity positive, we contribute electricity to the neighboring houses! Furthermore, we have stopped using pre-printed carton boxes and moved towards the brownish carton which is the lowest in carbon footprint in carton there is.


Our next steps

The key step is to identify how much carbon is produced by weaving and the production of our covers. And then minimize the impact where possible and compensate in a fair way for the remaining bits. We do need a little time for that. However, we are determined to become carbon net zero in the short term!

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